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C. Eugene (Gene) Prescott has been in practice, supporting tax and technology, for over 50 years!  In 2005 I sold my tax practice and worked on both a consulting and production basis for the purchasing firm for the next several years.  The sale instrument included a covenant not to compete which expired on June 30, 2010.  Shortly thereafter I resumed selective services to the public, operating as an individual practitioner, C. Eugene Prescott, CPA.  Tax preparation services are provided to selected clients.  More extensive federal tax consultation services are provided to a broader client base.  A new federal tax service provides documented, researched, answers to specific, single, tax questions for a flat, prepaid, rate of $75.  This service is targeted at the growing population of individuals that are filing their own tax returns, using a variety of computerized tools, but have a tax issue needing research.  Electronic payments are accepted via PayPal.  All major credit cards accepted.  There is no requirement to have a PayPal account.  Since a working email relationship has to be established for the rendering of services, email is used on the front-end for PayPal payments.  Send initiating email to to start the process.  Upon receipt a return email will be sent from which you can make your PayPal payment using your credit card.  If you prefer paying by check, indicate so in the initiating email.  Services are performed after payment and a valid email address are received (usually 2-3 days; 7 days if payment is via check).  New requests needing answers before April 15th are cut-off on April 5th of each year due to turn-around issues.  Requests for extended returns will continue to be accepted.  Generally, documentation will be in PDF format and distributed via email attachments.