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Friday, February 07, 2014

DropBox Observations

DropBox (the free, individual version) has many useful, and a growing number, of functions. The latest function I have utilized is uploading smartphone documents, pictures, and videos. I have routinely used it to store various documents, both personal and professionally. I selectively share documents with appropriate audiences.

One feature that currently cannot be accomplished, according to DropBox support, is logging the number of times a document or message category has been clicked on. The DropBox support person, while offering no indication this feature might be added, gave me a useful work around.

Routinely, I include the URL of a document as a link in an email or other type of message. By utilizing an URL shorterner (I used Google URL Shorterner) a by-product is that the shorterner screen displays the number of clicks.

Often it can be important, when communicating with a group via email or messaging, to be aware of how many have seen the information. And, approximately when they saw it. While the intent of URL shorterner is simplify long, complicated URLs, it is useful in other ways also.

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