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Monday, July 08, 2013

Reynolds Law

In what is becoming known as 'Reynolds Law', here is a qoute from Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds:

Reynolds’ Law was based on this remark by Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds:

The government decides to try to increase the middle class by subsidizing things that middle class people have: If middle-class people go to college and own homes, then surely if more people go to college and own homes, we’ll have more middle-class people. But homeownership and college aren’t causes of middle-class status, they’re markers for possessing the kinds of traits — self-discipline, the ability to defer gratification, etc. — that let you enter, and stay, in the middle class. Subsidizing the markers doesn’t produce the traits; if anything, it undermines them.

1 comment:

Gene Prescott said...

I've been thinking about the notion of subsidized 'education'. As a recipient of the Korean Conflict GI Bill, a form of subsidy, I think that program achieved success (met the intended purpose).