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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note II

In the latter part of February, 2013, I acquired my first ‘smartphone’, a Samsung Galaxy Notes II. In this process I changed providers from Sprint to US Cellular. A primary reason for the provider change was that US Cellular has a 3G tower in Bath, NC (4G in Greenville and much of NC). Thus I can reach the Internet routinely from Bath, both directly on the smartphone and using the phone as a modem to tether my notebook to the Internet.

Features of subscribed plan are:

Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile Minutes (have 1 additional phone)
7pm Unlimited Night and Weekend Minutes
Free Incoming Call
Pictures and Video Messages
Unlimited Messaging
Voice Mail
Call Waiting
Caller ID
Call Forwarding
Three-Way Calling
Voice Overage Protection
Daily Data
5GB Data and Tethering

Most of the ‘features’ just happened to be in the most appropriate plan; but a number of them are important to my use pattern.

I’m still exploring, and hopefully learning, about many of the capabilities of using the phone directly. The tethering is very important to me. The inbuilt way of connecting is a multiple-step process, both to connect and disconnect. So I have installed a product named “EasyTether” ($9.95) that automatically connects whenever the USB is plugged into the phone.

Over time I plan to address the most usable (for me) features as comments to this post. To date, I am statisfied.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How Much Does A CPA Cost?

Posted by Guest Blogger on Mar 18, 2013 in Guest Blogger, Tax Often when people find out I’m a tax accountant, I get asked, “How much does a CPA cost?” It’s like me asking “How much does a home cost?” We all understand that a 1,000 square-foot home in Kansas has a different cost than a 1,000 square-foot penthouse condo in New York City. The same concept applies to CPAs. The answer to both questions is the same: it depends. For example, my uncle has a simple tax return and pays $250 in preparation fees. On the other hand, I had a client whose return took over a week to prepare when I worked in a large firm, which cost the client around $100,000.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

ADP February 2013 Jobs Report

By KATHLEEN MADIGAN Private businesses added new employees in February at a faster pace than economists expected, according to a tally of private-sector hiring released Wednesday.