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Monday, January 28, 2013

Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) under Relief Act of 2012

One aspect of the complexity of the tax law has been how the AMT, which was originally enacted to 'alternatively tax high income taxpayers' was potentially and unintentionally applicable to middle income taxpayers. It was estimated that before the act and additional 28 million taxpayers would be subject to the AMT. For tax years beginning after 2011, personal credits that had been excluded for offset, are now usable for 2012 and future years. Capital Gain and Dividend rates for regular tax continue applying for AMT for 2012 and future years. 'Future years' merely means there is no built-in sunset date. Congress still has discretion to change tax law any time they can agree. Additionally, for upper income taxpayers, the title 'Tax Relief Act of 2012' is an illusion.

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