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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Better AICPA Graphic Than 2011

Here is 2011 Graphic:
Here is how 2012 should reflect:


Gene Prescott said...

But it is still not visually accurate!

Gene Prescott said...
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Gene Prescott said...

Notice that when a visually proportionate graphic is displayed (third down in the display) that membership numbers are recognizable at a glance as being relatively flat (23K increase over 10 years). That is 7%.

Both of the AICPA years erroneously portray membership as growing significantly from 2005 through 2012.

If membership numbers were to be stated in relationship to total CPAs (many CPAs are not members) then it is likely that a lesser percentage of the total are members in 2012 than a similar percentage in 2003.

Gene Prescott said...

Apparently the acronym IRS garners more attention than the acronym AICPA since the January 2012 post starting with IRS still garners more hits in last 30 days. But hey, at least the AICPA is in second place :-)