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Friday, September 21, 2012

Top 5 predictions - two futurist's perspectives

Two highly distinguished U.S. scientists shared their vision of mankind’s future at Abu Dhabi’s Manarat Al Saadiyat yesterday in a talk titled “What does the future look like?”, as part of the Muntada Program 2012 series of special lectures....... Throughout the evening, both Kaku and Kurzweil cited predictions ranging from the seemingly inane to Holy Grail-esque scientific leaps. In no particular order: (1)Intelligent toilets Screening human waste and monitoring body mass, the smart toilet will give dietary advice and issue important medical warnings. (2)Synthetic blood cells Nanotechnology will not exist in medicine to merely just cure ailments but more efficient synthetic blood cells could, for example, allow 15 minute sprints and 4 hour dives underwater, with no breathing apparatus. (3)Secure clothing Clothing laced with advanced fabrics will recognise accidents, based on changes to your pulse, bleeding, etc. and will even call an ambulance to your exact location. (4)Personalised movies Your chance to shine on-screen is almost upon us; augmented reality will soon allow you to insert your face in place of any superhero, or villain. (5)3D printing 3D printing is here and now but not yet in every home. Not only will 3D printing revolutionise manufacturing, but is expected to transform healthcare as doctors can begin printing organs in their surgery.

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