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Thursday, September 06, 2012

ADP Reports 201,000 Private Sector Jobs in August

The ADP National Employment Report August 2012 Report Employment in the U.S. nonfarm private business sector increased by 201,000 from July to August, on a seasonally adjusted basis. The estimated gain from June to July was revised up from the initial estimate of 163,000 to 173,000. Employment in the private, service-providing sector expanded 185,000 in August, up from 156,000 in July. Employment in the private, goods-producing sector added 16,000 jobs in August. Manufacturing employment rose 3,000, following an increase of 6,000 in July.


Gene Prescott said...

You may have noticed that ADP generally reports 'more jobs' than the government sources, for instance August at 201k vs .96k. In addition to the count estimates being arrived at via different data, the government numbers usually are for all jobs, both public and private while the ADP numbers tend to be 'private jobs' only. Assuming there is some validity to both sets of numbers, a consequence is that over the period of slow recovery there is a gradual shift toward a larger percentage of the work-force being in the 'private' sector.

Gene Prescott said...

A visual example can be seen here: