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Friday, February 17, 2012

IRS Help Tools

Buchanan concluded by reminding taxpayers of the tax tools available on the IRS website. Apart from the product pages detailing the more than 500 tax forms and schedules, he noted that there are several toll-free numbers for both individuals and businesses. Taxpayers who have completed the filing process and want to check on their refunds can visit the IRS website and use the Where Is My Refund? tool or download and use the IRS2Go smartphone app.
Langley reminded taxpayers about the identity theft PIN numbers issued to taxpayers whose information was stolen and used to file fraudulent tax returns. He cautioned that if taxpayers received a PIN and fail to enter it, the processing of their return will be significantly delayed. If they do not know the number, the IRS would not be able to reissue or replace it. “If they don’t have the PIN, then they just have to go without it,” said Langley.

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