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Thursday, February 02, 2012

From Facebook IPO Documents

At the end of 2011 Facebook had 845 million users, up from 608 million users at end of 2010.  Of the 845M, over half (483 million users) log in every day.  $4.39 in revenue per user per year is generated.  This compares to over $30 per user per year by Google.  Over 44% of its revenue is generated outside of the US.  Facebook thinks is growth opportunities are Brazil, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, and South Korea.

Facebook 'worries' about Google Plus and regulators in Europe and the US.


Rahul said...

survive for more than 7-12 years tops.It is a humongous waste of time.Only for people who are narcissists,egoists and showoffs.And there are many,going by the popularity.Social Networking,my left foot,You want to get social,go out and meet people.I wonder how many people on a facebook users account listed as 'Friends' are Real friends?And how can an individual manage 500 - 3000 friends or followers for the matter.

GeneP said...
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GeneP said...

My notion is that it will be supplanted by something, probably in the life-span you predict. The soon to be public entity, Facebook, could do the supplanting. There are many ways people waste time, some by Facebook. I have observed more types of people than your adjectives cover. "The Onion" recently had a facetious post that Facebook had collapsed the Internet by the sheer weight of baby pictures :-) Meeting people, personally, certainly works. Some of the names and faces will be remembered, others may not. A Facebook 'friend' at the basic level, is like a new, in person, acquaintance. The relationship may or may not evolve into a deeper friendship. There are people in my 'friends' list I have never met, personally. Most of them are there because of their surname, Prescott, and my role as administrator of the international Prescott YDNA Project. Some are CPAs that I do know personally, but our physical paths no longer cross as they once did. Similarly, many are former members of a particular church, The Memorial Baptist Church, Greenville, NC, who now live elsewhere. In addition to all that are many of my close friends.