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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Retirement Income Planning and the Elder Market

This October 2011 paper from the Insured Retirement Institute is geared toward how financial advisors might better serve the current 'aging' population.  In doing so, page 3 and page 4, have interesting charts.  They are a little dated (2010 census and 2007 survey) but are useful to think about in conjunction with some of the narrative.


GeneP said...

Be aware that a 2007 survey would be on data pre-dating 2007. So the chart on page 4 would show status before the latest economic downturn and the impact on individuals.

GeneP said...

The article, referencing an AARP documents, state that nearly half of people older than 80 may have some aspect of Alzheimer's. Actually the quoted article states the age as older than 85.