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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Why You Should Always Upgrade To Latest Adobe Reader

Ordinary users generally should not upgrade everything possible as soon as possible.  The free Adobe Reader may be an exception.  The PDF format (used by Adobe Reader) has become a defacto standard.  Some version of Adobe Reader is apt to be on every computer.  If it is not, it should be.  Each version of Adobe Reader will do something that a prior version would not.  The most recent version of Adobe Reader  is Version X.  It can be downloaded here.  After installing and opening Adobe Reader X, you will notice at the bottom of the startup menu is a link to Add Notes to Your PDF File.  Using Sticky Notes and Highlighter tools to add comments to a PDF document is very useful.  When sharing documents between computer users the various versions (Word, Excel, etc.) can be problematic since various levels of MSOffice is installed on various computers.  With the free Adobe Reader there is not a cost factor involved (other than download and installation time) in staying at latest level and consequently be able to open all PDFs created by any prior version of Adobe PDF Writer.

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