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Monday, January 03, 2011

Windows 7

For those, currently most PC users, who are using Windows XP systems, immediate consideration should be given to move to Windows 7.  For many, because of hardware requirements, that will involve new systems.  For those purchasing new systems during 2011 anyway, Windows 7 is apt to be the default installed operating system.  Some understanding of 32bit vs 64bit systems is necessary for prudent purchasing.  For starters, 32bit systems can address 4GB of total memory space; 64bit systems can address 128GB of total memory space.  For systems operated as Virtual Machines, more RAM will always be needed.  Increasingly, for those who utilize a PC solely for Internet Access and communications, the current and coming generations of smartphones may be enough.  Macs continue to gain market share although they still are a significant minority in business based systems.

Today, it is the time and effort "cost" of installing and configuring that is most relevant, due to increasing diminishment of  hardware costs.  So some consideration should be given to reducing the frequency of upgrades.

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