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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


In the following post I commented that Microsoft's first attempt at web applications was not yet mature enough for general use:

However, it seems that if you have a Windows Live login, that 25gigs of space on SkyDrive is made available.  Once something is on SkyDrive, storage is then "in the cloud," so access is available with an Internet connection.  I've begun experimenting with the usage of documents on SkyDrive.  So far I've saved a couple of photos, a Word2010 document, and a PDF document to my SkyDrive.

The photos can be viewed as a slide show.  It doesn't appear (there is a lot I haven't yet learned) that photos can be printed directly from the SkyDrive, but they can be downloaded and printed locally.

The Word document can be edited via a browser.  This seemingly means that users don't have to have similar version of Word (or even have Word) to work on a SkyDrive document.

The PDF document, similar to photos, can be downloaded and viewed and printed with local Acrobat reader.

Microsoft prefers that I used Messenger and other Microsoft tools.  However, I am merely using SkyDrive for offline (cloud based) storage.  It works, and the price is right :-)

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