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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Better Health Initiative

After the Recommendation to the TMBC Coordinating Council was approved by the Council (Sep, 2006) and the church (Oct, 2006) plans were made to launch the Better Health Initiative in January of 2007. However, a massive fire (over $3,000,000 in damages) happened on Saturday, January 13, 2007, before our major target date of Sunday, January 14, 2007, to develop specifics. The fire transformed TMBC into a vagabond church for several months as we met at a number of different church sites. Additionally, our open land, where a Walking Trail was being envisioned, instead became a disaster recovery staging area.

On partially re-occuppying our facilities in September, 2007, the Better Health Initiative resumed. A series of conventional meetings involving mostly TMBC folk, but also a few of our neighbors, was presented over five weeks. From that, a Christian oriented series focusing on diet and exercise, named First Place, was conducted. In November, 2007, our Better Health blog was launched, as was our on premises Neighborhood Walking Trail.

In addition to the people we reached directly via attendance at traditional styled meetings, we reached a much larger number by timely handouts and informational posters at various places throughout our buildings. We also have placed over 60 copies of Dr. Kenneth Cooper's latest book, Start Strong, Finish Strong in the hands of both TMBC folk and randomly selected neighbors.

However it appears we may be most successful in reaching people through our Better Health blog. From the time we started accumulating statistical data (December 10, 2007) through January 2, 2008, we have had visitors as follows:

Total visits = 259
Unique visitors = 156
Repeat visitors = 103
Pageviews = 613
Pageviews per visit = 2.37
Average time on site = 3:11 minutes
Countries/territories of visitors = 15
Cities of visitors = 122
United States visitors = 223
States of visitors = 32
North Carolina visitors = 125
North Carolina cities of visitors = 17
Greenville visitors = 102

It is anticipated as our site gets linked by others in more ways, more discoverable by search engines, and increasingly bookmarked by visitors, that our frequency of touches will increase. Currently we are averaging 10 visitors per day over a period that includes a number of holidays. At some point we should reach sufficient visitor activity that dialogue through commenting at the Better Health site will occur. At that time, the usefulness of the content will escalate as the information will become tailored to reader questions and thereby specific needs.

Better Health is reaching people from Greenville to the ends of the earth.

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