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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Understanding the TransBeCosm

Understanding the TransBeCosm
By Gene Prescott

In the realm of technology George Gilder has coined at least two words, “microcosm” and “telecosm.” Each word became the title of books authored by Gilder and have been referenced by Gilder and others numerous times in published articles. Essentially Gilder created the words to describe eras in technological evolutions. While their meaning is sometimes misunderstood, they actually mean whatever Gilder ascribed to them. This treatise is not as much about those meanings as about the advantage of coining a new word to describe a transition, progression, or era.

In religious denominational circles the words, “modern,” “post-modern,” and even “post, post-modern” have been used to describe such as it relates to church. There are rampant misunderstandings about what each mean. Using words with existing meanings seems to compound the frequency of misunderstanding.

There are similar transitions occurring in nearly every aspect of life, many of which have yet to be “named.” Professional associations, for instance, are in a period of transition. So is the distinctive nature of many existing professions whose members comprise professional associations. Similarly, transitive disruptions have been delineated by Clayton Christensen in his two books, “The Innovator’s Dilemma” and “The Innovator’s Solution” as they relate to the business world.

While Gilder’s microcosm and telecosm are centric to these progressions, that is, technology ultimately is driving the changes, these evolutions, collectively, are broader than either of those terms. Gilder, in his December 2003 edition of the Gilder Technology Report, states, “In the next year …. We will see a decisive move of the telecosm into the microcosm and the microcosm into the telecosm.” Hence, Gilder is indicating an overlapping and enveloping process of his own created words.

I think of these evolutionary transitions as being comprised of, “transcendences,” “transformations,” “being,” and “becoming” in a continuum process. So I’ve coined my own word, TransBeCosm, to describe everything and everyone being TRANSformed into new BEings in a COSMic continuum. The TransBeCosm is not only about technology but about all of the consequential impacts of technology.

I am planning a series of articles describing the various ways the TransBeCosm is impacting our individual and business lives. So you may want to check here periodically as the TransBeCosm unfolds.

December 18, 2003

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