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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Planned Categories of TransBeCosm Articles

  • Institutional:
  • Religious:
  • Church As A Vehicle posted May 10, 2004, Updated February 17, 2006

Life Cycles and Stages of Organizational Development posted May 10, 2004

An Example of Re-Balancing posted May 13, 2004

It is one thing to "talk" about re-balancing, it is another thing to actually do it. The Memorial Baptist Church, originating in 1827, has effectively re-balanced multiple times over its 179 year life-span. TMBC, currently healthy and vibrant, completed a new re-balancing plan entitled "Focus on Tomorrow Planning Report" during 2004. This example is not purporting to be a model to be adopted by other churches, but rather of a process developed while attempting to keep Vision, Relationships, Programs, and Management in optimum syncrhonization.

On Acceleration posted May 9, 2006

The above chart is by Ray Kurzweil. The dots on the curve represent specific, significant events in computing through the date of the chart. The two bold lines have been added to add emphasis that it will only take 20 years for the change rate of progress from 1960 to 2005 to move from 10 to 8th power to 10 to 15th power, or from equivalancy of an affordable insect brain to an affordable human brain in terms of computing power.

On Acceleration posted May 14, 2004

The above graph is from data extrapolated from the history of TMBC published in 2002 written by Hugh Wease. If Kurzwelian type of acceleration happens (exponential rather than linear) then the green line at the top of above chart would go completely vertical, and consequentially the TMBC line, in 10 to 20 years, is apt to follow it.

This is the same data represented by a rate stated as MPH (miles per hour). So TMBC crept along at a leisurely rate until the 1960s and has been experiencing an acceleration ever since. One aspect of "going faster" is that it makes it necessary to look further down the road than was required when everything was moving slower.

The above compares the TMBC MPH rate with a similar rate of technological events extrapolated from Ray Kurzweil's "The Age of Spiritual Machines." Since then Kurzweil has predicted an even greater rate of accleration starting about now and leaving us breathless by 2020.

On Leveraging/Balancing Strengths posted May 14, 2004

On Pitt County, North Carolina, Maps posted February 19, 2006

Professional organizations:



Modes of practice


Education and qualifications


Business Entities:












Clearly there will be overlaps between various categories. Additionally, categories may change and be intra-linked.

There is not apt to be an over-abundance of original thought embedded in these articles. However, these thoughts are apt to have been influenced by specific, named persons, over time. A categorized listing of such individuals appears here.

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